What I mean when I say “I can’t do that”- Anxiety Version:

  • I am unable to do that
  • I am too stressed out to do that
  • I cannot face the humiliation of attempting to do that
  • My body will physically not allow me to do that
  • I am on the verge of a panic attack
  • I cannot do that

What people hear:

  • I am unwilling to do that
  • I am just shy
  • I am overreacting
  • I am lazy
  • I need to get more experience in social situation to help my anxiety
  • I need a push
  • I don’t want to do that

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"I woke up like this."


Recently, I have been consistently using the phrase, “I woke up like this,” or variations thereof in my posts and tags and general everyday life. It is with my sincerest apologizes that I admit to you, dear friends, that it was a bold-faced lie. I do not, nor have I ever woken up like this:


or this


or this:


I know, this may come as a shock to a lot of you but here are a few examples of how I actually wake up:






I am not now, nor have I ever been, Beyonce.

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I’m moving to Charlotte, NC in a week so if you want to tell anything super cool about it or stuff I should look forward to you should tell me.

Dish in Plaza-Midwood is a really great homestyle southern place, Value Village on Central is a great thrift store, the Mint Museum downtown/uptown (they’re the same thing) is a pretty nice art museum, and Pride week is right around the corner too. Lots of bars are scattered all over the town and I *hear* we have a good music scene although I don’t know much of anything about it.  I hope your move-in goes smoothly! 

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